Thou shall be smug.

Welcome to the home of smuggy, your personal gateway to environmental smugness.

Owning a smuggy cup can help you do your part in the fight against single-use plastic, whilst simultaneously empowering you with a well-deserved sense of smugness, as you sip your coffee and scoff at the surrounding mere mortals who still indulge in throw-away culture.


reusable glass coffee cups

Our cups are made tough, with borosilicate glass and thermal silicone.

Made from lightweight materials, you can parade your smuggy cup around with ease.

We don’t do nasties – our smuggy cups are 100% BPA free.

They’re heat resistant, dishwasher, microwave and food grade safe.
So you can pop your smuggy to the side during meditation, without the fear of your almond soy latte going cold.


We’re all Aussie.

Formed in Australia, started in Sydney and based in Bondi; we’re a group of environmentally aware folk, who genuinely give two sips about the mark we leave on the planet.

Once “throw-away” fiends ourselves, we’re here to recruit you to our eco movement and dispose of those everyday habits that leave an unsavoury mark on the environment.