The City of Vancouver Being Absolute Babes


As people are starting to realise, disposable cups are very, very bad for our environment. The majority have plastic linings that deem them fundamentally unrecyclable.

Another absolute atrocity on our ecosystem is styrofoam.

Where individuals can be forgiven for not realising how detrimental disposable coffee cups are, we have no excuses when it comes to Styrofoam. We have always known how bad it was.

Well Vancouver have said “no more”. In line with their 2040 Zero-Waste goal, they are looking to ban plastic bags, styrofoam containers and disposable coffee cups.

So what is the answer? Well there are heaps. Don’t wait for your local governments to do it for you. Make a change for life. Say no to single use products and get out there and get yourself some sustainable products.

Our little earth will thank you!

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