Chile to Ban the Bag

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Chile’s president Michelle Bachelet signed a bill aiming to ban plastic bags in over 100 coastal areas. The move is seen as a phased approach to ultimately ban the use of plastic bags across the entire country.

Pacific Garbage Patch

It is no great surprise that the highest risk areas have been identified along the Chile coastline. Recently a plastic patch “bigger than the state of Texas” was uncovered in a remote area off the coast of Chile. Captain Charles Moore stated that “my initial impression is that our samples compared to what we were seeing in the North Pacific (Great Pacific Garbage Patch) in 2007”.

The Great Pacific Garbage patch located in North Pacific is located in international waters and therefore has no direct affiliation to any country. It has often be noted that it would “bankrupt any country” that tried to clean it up, due to its size and complexity.

As a hidden gem of the Chilean bill, it also allows non-coastal regions to join the project, empowering local municipals to say no to single use plastics.

What can we do?

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