Trump's Got One Foot In The Grave

Trump Meldrew.jpg

The founders of Smuggy were huge fans of the BBC sitcom “One Foot in the Grave. So the irony of Donald Trump’s recent remarks on the Fourth National Climate Assessment did not go unnoticed.

“I don’t believe it”. The once synonymous catch phrase sprayed generously by the perpetually curmudgeon lead character Victor Meldrew brought canned laughter from a more elementary 1990s audience. Here in 2018, Trump’s remarks, in stark contrast, have brought trepidation and fear, even among his staunchest supporters.

The summary findings of the Climate Assessment re-opened the harsh reality of the Earth’s climate warming. The report engages a new element to the discussion, the cost to old Uncle Sam, the Smug God. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations (NOAA) stated “Under scenarios with high emissions and limited or no adaptation, annual losses in some sectors are estimated to grow to hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century” -

While we appreciate smug at any level, we had to disagree with Trump’s statements on Asia – ““Right now, we’re at the cleanest we’ve ever been, and that’s very important to me. But if we’re clean but every other place on Earth is dirty, that’s not so good.”

This childish rhetoric of passing responsibility unfortunately does not stop with Donald Trump. It’s the theory brazenly adorned by governments, big business and, if we are truly honest, at the individual level.

So how do we make change to stop the climate change? We display the phenomenally stubborn attitude of old mate Victor Meldrew. We vote with our feet. We show governments and business owners that we won’t stand for the mindless consumption. And we do it one plastic bag, toothbrush, container, water bottle and coffee cup at a time.