Are Coffee Shops Doing Enough?

Coffee Beans.jpg

When we hear baffling figures like only 1% of all disposable coffee cups are being recycled, it begs the question: “who is responsible?”

Coffee shop owners in the vast majority of cases are hugely personable people. We all know our local coffee shop baristas and owners. We chat to them when we grab our almond lattes or short blacks.

Maybe it is time for customers to demand a little more than a morning brew and a chin wag. Maybe we should be questioning our coffees shop’s waste management decisions.

I am lucky, I work in Barangaroo and live in Bondi, two places quite progressive in promotion of the reusable coffee cup. Barangaroo as an area is especially innovative, forcing businesses to have compostable cup lids and fully recyclable paper cups (most disposable coffee cups have plastic linings which deems them virtually un-recyclable).

Is that enough? We at Smuggy aren’t totally convinced. Recycling is fantastic but reusing is even better. Seeing people walk around with one of our glass reusable coffee cups is a pretty nice feeling. To be honest I support any of the reusable glass coffee cup makers. We all got here for the same reason, to change the tide away from plastics destroying our oceans and landscapes.

When our children look back at our generation and ask what the hell we were thinking, make sure you have some photographic evidence that you were one of the sustainable pioneers of your time. Saying no to single use products. Reusing wherever you can. Minimising your waste.

Be on the right side of this.

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